Tenant Guidelines

Reasonable Use Rules for the AVS Group Facility

Several tenants share common spaces in the AVS Group building. It is expected that all tenants follow some reasonable rules to make sure all common area spaces are available for everyone and the overall facility is safe. AVS Group reserves the right to modify these rules on an “as needed” basis. If AVS Group receives a complaint from a tenant, AVS Group will address the problem as quickly as possible to work things out. This list should be shared with all tenants’ employees.

Hallways and Other Public Spaces

Hallways are to be kept clear at all times primarily for fire safety reasons. Tenants are not allowed to store anything outside of their designated space (the space the tenant is renting) without the written permission of the landlord.


The tenant parking spaces include all spaces west of the handicap space all the way to the street. There is plenty of convenient parking for all tenants and visitors.

The parking spaces immediately outside the main front entrance are reserved for customer/visitor parking for all tenants during normal business hours. These spaces run approximately from the handicap parking space east to the spaces reserved for a tenant in the NE corner of the building.


Tenants may use the main front door or the entrance to the lunchroom on the west side of the building.

Tenants Privacy

It is expected that all tenants will respect the privacy of other tenant’s spaces, whether it is behind a locked door or not. If you do not have official business in another tenant’s space, you should not enter it. You should never enter another tenant’s space after normal work hours unless you have received permission from that tenant. This applies to any of your guests as well.

Security System/Flock Report/Surveillance

AVS Group uses an electronic In/Out board (Flock Report) to determine who is in the building. The Flock report is available on a computer at the front desk and in the lunch room. If a person is in the building, they need to update their status to IN. If they leave, they must update their status to OUT. The Flock report is used “7/24”. If the Flock report is not operational, please do the best you can to confirm whether or not the security system should be activated.

AVS Group may use electronic surveillance in the common areas to help safeguard people and the facility.

Guests and Visitors

Guests and visitors need to abide by all the same rules as the tenants. At no time should visitors or guests be allowed to walk the building freely, especially after normal business hours.


Pets should not be brought into the facility without prior consent of the landlord. If permission is given, your pet must be in your control at all times and any damage caused by your pet will be billed to you.

Quiet Enjoyment

All tenants should take necessary steps to prevent noise created by them from spilling over to other tenant’s spaces. This could include, but is not limited to, radios, stereos, TV’s, loud phone calls or meetings. It is suggested that doors be closed to contain any noise to your space.


If you want your space vacuumed, you will need to work with our cleaner so they have access to your space. Generally this means leaving your door open at the end of the days that they are here. The cleaner will close and lock your door when finished. If you prefer, we could supply our cleaner with a key to your door. We provide basic services such as empting wastebaskets and occasional vacuuming as part of our “Shared Services” agreement.

The landlord requests that if the tenant observes major issues requiring maintenance, that they report it to as quickly as possible to the landlord so repairs can be made in a timely manner. The landlord will replace burned-out light bulbs in the ceiling fixtures at no-charge to the tenant – just let us know.

There is an upright vacuum available for your limited use. It is stored in the janitor’s closet on the west end of the building. If you use it, please return it immediately when finished. It is only intended for normal carpet cleaning and it is not to be used in any wet areas.

Any damage caused by the tenant will be fixed at their expense.

Making Reservations for Conference Rooms

There are currently two conference rooms that are available to tenants. Reservations are suggested. You should make reservations with Heather or Rene. If your need for this room changes, please inform Heather or Rene right away so the space is made available to others.


Phones are the responsibility of the tenant. AVS Group uses a CenturyLink phone system referred to as Centrex. It is suggested that you install Centrex phones in your space but this is not required. Please see the landlord for more information.
There are phones in the conference rooms but these are only to be used for local calls. If you need to use these phones for long distance calls, you should use your own calling card to cover the long distance costs.

Use of Shared Equipment

The shared equipment included in your agreement is based on limited usage. If your usage becomes high or starts interfering with AVS Group or other tenant’s business, other arrangements will need to be made. We ask that you treat any shared equipment well and report any problems immediately to the landlord.


It is expected that all users of this space will keep it clean and orderly. You will need to place any AVS Group dishes that you use in the dishwasher – please do not leave them in the sink or on the counter.

There is a refrigerator available to everyone on a limited basis. It is your responsibility to keep your items “fresh” and to remove old items.

A vending machine with soda and snacks is available.

Coffee and water are available using an “honor” system for payment.


Professional cleaning is provided two to three days per week. We ask that everyone do their part to help keep these restrooms clean and orderly – as you use the space, including replacing toilet paper on the dispensers, keeping paper off the floor and wiping out the sink if it’s dirty. If the toilet is clogged, please use the plunger provided in the restroom. Please report any maintenance problems immediately to the landlord.


It’s great to be outside on nice days but please help keep this area clean and free of litter.


AVS Group Properties is a No Smoking facility. There is no smoking of any type allowed at any time inside any portion of the building. There are cigarette butt receptacles outside near the entrances for you and your guests to use.

Use of AVS Network

Most tenants utilize the AVS Group network to get access to the internet. All computers using the AVS Group network will need follow some basic guidelines for the proper use of the AVS Group network. It is inappropriate and unacceptable to display, print or transmit obscene, abusive, sexually explicit, threatening, hateful or harassing materials over the network. Regardless of intent, use of the network in this manner reflects poor judgment and endangers the reputation of the AVS Group and other tenants. AVS Group’s firewall does block certain, inappropriate sites. If you want to access a site that is being blocked but should not be, please contact the landlord to have your site “safe listed”.

You can, at your own expense, install your own internet service that bypasses the AVS Group firewall. You will need to work with the landlord to assure your provider installs their service correctly in the AVS Group building.

Illegal Activities and Substances

Illegal drugs or other illegal substances are not allowed anywhere on AVS Group property, including the building, parking areas, and green space.

Any activity that is considered illegal is not allowed anywhere on AVS Group property, including the building, parking areas, and green space.

Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of the tenants rent agreement.

Firearms and Hazardous Materials

Firearms are not allowed in the facility at any time without the written permission of the landlord.
Hazardous materials are not allowed on AVS Group property, including the parking areas and green space.

Last Updated: 05/07/10